Saturday, April 9, 2011

request for help

JJ emailed me last week and said that they are having a dry spell.  He is wanting to know what all of you RMs (or anyone else that has done any missionary work) did to find investigators.  So leave a comment telling me what the best things you have done to find people that are looking for the gospel.

Thanks so much!!


Cami D. said...

J.J.!! I miss you! I hope you are working your guts out!

One thing we did that was SUPER cool is that our district went downtown (more like downtown chandler, not downtown Phoenix) and did street contacting, we sang some hymns - it was fun people joined in, some liked us, some hated us - we got several referrals from it. We just "hung out" with them in their element (safety first of course) and just chatted it was cool. BRT baby! HA!

Second I would hound the members. It's our JOB a members to assist you guys to find people to teach! Ok I may be preaching to the choir right now but it's true!

Play games. Ok you know like if people "aren't interested" change what you're asking - so you're not interested. Ok. If there was a way to have more peace in your life would you be interested? Ha!

Keep up the great work, many are praying for you!!

bethiepoos said...

we did alot of street contacting too, which was fun. once we made up a questionaire and walked about with a clip board, we stopped people and asked if they would mind answering a few questions. (it was really effective) the questions would be ... 1- do you believe in god? 2- do you believe that Jesus christ is the son of God? 3- what makes you happy? 4-do you believe in life after death? 5- do you believe the bible to be the word of god? 6- If there was another book that testified of Christ would you read it? and then you would build on the answer that they were most enthusiastic about. It also works for tracting. My mission involved ALOT of finding work so I know how he feels. Everytime we went to a members home, we had to teach something. The idea was so that we were getting good practice at teaching, but also to show the members that they could trust us with their friends. good luck jj