Thursday, October 6, 2011

39...and counting

No I am not talking about my age.  39 days until Elder JJ Merrell returns!!! It was confirmed today that he will be coming home on November 14th.  I can hardly believe it.  We are all so incredibly excited.

On a side note, he was transferred to his last area.  He spent 13 months in the SEATAC ward this past year.  He was in other locations for 3 transfers and was just transferred back to SEATAC.  So yes, he will have spent over 14 months in one location.  What are the odds?  He loves the people he has met there and they will always be in his life because of this.  I can not wait to meet them...especially his second mom and dad.  I will be forever grateful for the love that they have shown my son.

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rachelle lee said...

woohoo!! So excited! And can't wait to whip him into shape! :) HAHA