Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Way Past Time to Update

I have been very negligent of my blog - like a year past due.  I am not even going to try to update...way past due and I don't have a good enough memory for that.  So for now...where are we?  We live for emails from JJ.  It is funny to me how it can either make my day and send me into a bubble of happiness or the depths of despair.  If there is a zone conference, Monday holiday, or change in their schedule, we have to wait a day for his email.  We are surviving the rat race called life can. 

I have been busy on my days off to do room makeovers for the girls and I will post pictures when they are complete. Hopefully before much longer.


Markelle said...

I'm sure its a bittersweet feeling to have a son on a mission, but we're sure proud of him!

I'm excited to see the girl's rooms.

Colleen said...

Way to blog!